Alexa Wagner

Alexa Wagner shoes are conceived and designed by a woman for women to emphasize their beauty while paying attention to the needs of their feet and their bodies.

Lorena Antoniazzi

A passion coupled with design and production of high quality garments, with a focus on knitwear. The story of the brand was in fact a wager: in the early 90’s, Lorena Antoniazzi and Luca Mirabassi, who came from diverse backgrounds in the fashion industry, decided to create a small collection of garments for women, using prestigious yarn and innovative techniques. It was produced entirely in Umbria, strengthened by the entrepreneurial spirit of Luca and the creative talent demonstrated by Lorena since childhood. They began an adventure that, twenty years later, is still "electrifying."


Paloma Barcelo

Known for being a master craftsman in artisan ropework and weaving, Manolo Barceló worked to hone his creative talent. As in time-honoured Spanish traditions, each shoe benefits from the values of skilled workmanship and this emphasis on handcrafted quality. Constant passion and years of hard work lie behind this brand and today it is associated with a style and quality which is in a class of its own, both in Spain and worldwide.


Robert Clergerie

The Robert Clergerie brand is renowned for its iconic looks—brogues, architectural shapes and forms, strong heels and blocks, mix of materials, articulated wood and signature raffia—with a modern fashion twist, establishing Robert Clergerie as an irrefutable reference in the shoe sector. Proud to be "Made in France," Robert Clergerie products illustrate the key values on which the company was built: Creativity, Quality and Savoir-faire. La Maison Robert Clergerie operates 21 boutiques and is distributed across the globe.

Peter Cohen

Born in Zimbabwe in 1960, Peter Cohen has been designing under his own label for twenty-five years. A seasoned minimalist, Cohen believes that fashion is most suitable if it can reflect the familiar and the refined, allowing one to feel comfortable in situations commonplace and fantastical.

D. Exterior

From sweaters festooned with sweet bow details to sleek pencil skirts and 1960s-inspired shift dresses, Italian label D. Exterior epitomizes refined, feminine style. To this day Zanola continues to design the collection, and all pieces are made exclusively in Italy.

Filu Hats

Born and raised in the beach town of San Clemente, California. Anne had no idea that the casual culture of California would one day merge with the handcrafting traditions of Italy, but years of sunny beaches and snowy slopes had created a need for chic protection both from the sun and the winter cold. This, together with Anne's passion for all things handmade, rare and beautiful, drew her to the Italian culture of traditional hat-making.

Antonelli Firenze

Made in Italy "by women for women." The collection is hallmarked by a novel stylistic vision that seeks a natural elegance and a discreet Italian style that shuns excess.

Gentry Portofino

Cashmere, elegance, and creativity are core values of this italian knitwear collection. Gentry Portofino designs are marked by an almost ethereal elegance, combining excellence in terms of the fabric and color pallet selection with a sophistication in design, resulting in remarkable results.

Ali Grace Jewelry

Ali's designs are filled with organic textures and rich colors. All of her pieces are handmade with geodes, natural stones accented with diamonds, 14kt gold, sterling silver and brass. As Ali has grown and matured, so has her jewelry. Ali Grace Jewelry is loved by all ages because it is both timeless and modern.

Norma Kamali

Norma's designs are recognized worldwide and her clothing is coveted by top celebrities and stylists alike. She is not only known for her swim collection, but other bodies of work includes timeless modern clothing in every classification. Beauty, health and wellness is clearly woven into her DNA. That DNA, along with her understanding of the human form, sets her apart from all others.

Sally Lapointe

Born in Massachusetts, Sally Lapointe graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in apparel design. After graduation in 2006, she moved to New York City to start her line of women's ready-to-wear. Celebrity fans of the brand include: Rihanna, Julianne Hough, Allessandra Ambrosio, Brooklyn Decker, Carrie Underwood, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga.

Kai Linz Jewelry

A contemporary fine jewelry line that provides the ultimate every day luxury for today's fashion forward women. The collection includes delicate designs with clean lines and feminine details to bold one-of-a-kind beauties.

Nili Lotan

Nili's simple design philosophy is pure and sophisticated.A woman's wardrobe should reflect her lifestyle and function as an extension of who she is. Her vision is married to theidea that style comes from within and is experiential. This style mantra is the foundation upon which her collections are laid and through this approach, Nili identifies and defines the needs of the modern urban woman.

M Missoni

Tied to the aesthetic innovation and technical invention that have always changed the identity of knitwear, Missoni is one of the best known, loved, and recognized fashion and design brands in the world. Missoni style was birthed in the knitwear business, and soon became the cutting edge of Italian fashion.


The Orciani Company is an idea and creativity factory. Here, leathers, manufactures, and Italian design tradition come together to create belts, bags and suitcases that express the wearer's personality.


Nellie Partow's effortless and modernist approach to dressing woman garners devotees of eminent women worldwide. Partow established an aesthetic rooted in minimalism, unstudied luxury, and a tension between modern femininity and masculinity.



RTA [Road to Awe] was launched with the purpose of creating a movement. A movement of like-minded individuals who share a belief that clothing should be used as a form of expression. RTA was born under the pretense that clothing should be effortless and chic. The RTA girl in confident and the clothing she wears simply enhances her thoughts. RTA is a state of mind and while the clothing evolves, her ideas are never deterred.

Amina Rubinacci

Designing for 50 years, the Rubinacci collection has been a not-to-be-missed shopping destination throughout Italy and now the U.S. Paris defines Amina Rubinacci "The queen of wool". From Christian Dior to Saint Laurent all of the most important French stylists recognize her elegance and ease of wear of the woolen garments Amina Rubinacci produces.


Classy for daywear and glamourous for eveningwear, Seventy Women's sets out to dress a contemporary woman, who loves wearing refined garments, made of high-quality fabrics, with sophisticated cuts. All the while, its style fits the needs of day-to-day life: the Seventy Women's looks are designed to be worn from morning to evening, without ever losing their appeal.




Our vision is to redefine the concept of luxury as we know it. Uma is rooted in the philosophy that beauty, wellness and a fullfilled life go hand-in-hand. The health of your skin and mind are deeply interconnected. This is why our two distinct yet complementary lines of Beauty and Wellness products work synergistically to bring unmatched vitality to your skin and your mind.

Zero + Maria Cornejo

Timelessness, ease, and a modern take on luxury are the essence of Zero + Maria Cornejo and the women who love the clothes.At the heart of each garment is a commitment to make desirable fashion for real women that lasts beyond a single season and become cherished items in a woman's wardrobe. This personal approach has gained Zero + Maria Cornejo a loyal following.


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