Alright alright alright.

It has officially been something that resembles a year since I did any sort of blog post. I have to say, finding the time to actually sit down, source photos, and think of something to type is hard. Here we are though! WINTER FASHION! I am going to be completely frank and let you know that I have decided officially that Winter fashion is in turn, not my favorite. I can only do so many jean-boot-sweater combos before I start getting way ahead of myself and think that I can layer 8 turtlenecks under every dress I own like those super-uber-chic women of the city streets. Bottom line is that I am born and bread in Santa Barbara, California. Don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of city girl moments for sure. The other thing about Winter in Santa Barbara is that you don’t actually expect it to be cold… so when it is actually cold…you’re really cold. Wearing anything that doest cover me completely is just out of the question because I’m thin blooded, and thin skinned and conditioned to sunny and 75 (sue me). SO here we are, all awaiting my favorite things to wear and how to wear them! Ive pulled some fun images that inspire me in my dressing because being that California girl I only invest in so many pairs of boots because I’m mainly in clogs, platforms, sandals, or barefoot. Most every morning that I wake up and have not a clue what to put on my body (its like its not my job or something), I open my Pinterest and steal little pieces of what I see on other people, and then make it my own. Jeans have been my savior. All kinds of jeans. Cropped, skinny, cropped flare, washed out, hi waisted, (definitely not low waisted). They literally save my life. I also have this SLEW of sweaters of which a sold 6 I have worn thoroughly this season. A killer jean, and solid go to favorite cashmere that is chunky and fab, or just a layering turtle neck tucked in, and then the shoes. Oh the shoes. Its been raining a lot lately and so I always want to be practical in my shoe choice for walking to my car in the rain and not ruin those amazing suede booties but….am I really going to put my rain boots on and then when I get to work, change? No, no I’m not. Because I’m busy juggling my morning smoothie, workout clothes for that evening and definitely forgetting to feed my dogs (oh and the cat, I always forget about her!). So, I go with a leather classic that has a rubber soul. Done. Cool belt? Yep. On the other hand, I pulled out of the archives, (aka my 4ft by 4ft closet) a PLEATED SKIRT! Turns out you can do a lot with a pleated skirt…. and NO pleated skirts are not just for tall people! I get that all the time in the store, and I’m not even tall! Just wear it. I have been wearing mine with all different sorts of boots, and when I’m feeling city chic, a sneaker. On top, one of those solid cashmeres that I was telling you about up there or a t neck. Or a t shirt and a leather jacket. Easy peesy pumpkin squeaky. Every once in a while I’ll feel a boho moment overcome me and put on a flouncy Chloe dress and an over the knee boot, or maybe just a sexy trouser and a beautiful blouse. Maybe a classic Peter Cohen ethnic blouse, a bias pant, edgy loafer and a huuuuuuge scarf.  I think my whole point here is that you have to get inspired somewhere, from someone. Or maybe you’re just a fashion genius and can make all these outfits up in your amazing fashion brain. Or maybe you have me! Either way, there is so much to be explored on the racks of Allora. Little gems that without in my wardrobe, I would literally be lost without. When I say lost I mean, really lost, like most likely you’d see me running around town with either no pants or no top on. Any who, peruse the below, feel inspired, because before you know it… SPRING FASHION will be here, and I have a lot to say about it. XO, Tj

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