An Inside Look into the Virtual World of Buying

Downtown AirBnB or Mid-town hotel? Carry-on or check? Martini or wine? Ahhhhh, yes – it must be time for fashion week in New York! Except that because of a pandemic, showrooms and catwalks are closed. Plan B (or Plan F as we call it) is to buy the Spring & Summer collections for Allora, virtually. As much of a buzz kill as that sounds, credit must be given to our amazing industry because when the sartorial situation gets tough, the tough (and the creative) get going.

Technology is a beautiful thing! We now work with hi-res cameras and multiple monitors that showcase and capture fabrics, colors, models, videos, linesheets, lookbooks, and everything a buyer needs to understand what Spring and Summer 2021 will look like in the boutique. Technology is critical and of course, our only real option. It will ultimately ensure that Spring will arrive even without the physical contact that we have relied on and enjoyed for so many seasons. And, we do miss the showroom experience – those hugs hello (so warm and genuine), the smell of fresh crisp linen (yes, it has a scent), a shot of espresso (for fashion focus) and the breeze created as the model du jour spins in front of you to demonstrate how a floral pattern will move.

Understanding how Allora is curated and what designers and trends combine to create the landscape that Santa Barbara will be inspired to wear is our job. We are so grateful for the relationships that we have fostered over the years with representatives who we count on to guide, educate, inspire and excite us. Knowing our customer here at home, staying true to our concepts and pursuing our passion (no matter the working dimension) will keep us in business and in love with fashion.

In the meantime, we can share that we feel constantly blessed to live and work in our lovely Montecito. Having said that, instead of a quick glass of champagne at The Plaza and a bite to eat in New York-  for fashion week here on Coast Village Road, it’s lunch at the Honor Bar and a martini at Lucky’s!  Bergdorf’s shoe department will have to wait, Allora is all we need for now.