The mother-daughter duo behind Allora by Laura discusses the evolution of their styles

 Written by Kim Hashemi   |   Photographed by Jacqueline Pilar 

An excerpt from the feature in the current issue of Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine

Entering into what is safe to call the most *unique* start to a decade, the fashion industry has demanded taking a step back from in-season buying, and towards filling stores and closets with classic, timeless pieces.

Allora by Laura in Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine


Located conveniently on the vibrant Coast Village Road in Montecito, Allora by Laura is run by a passionate mother-daughter team, Laura Dinning and Taylorjane (TJ) Harlin, who find ebullience in helping others find the perfect items to express themselves. The boutique offers styles that marry fine European clothing with a soulful California attitude—think luxurious yet laid back. Growing up in different generations, I’m curious to learn about how their style has changed over the years, how they influence each other when it comes to fashion, and their tips for evolving our style as we age.

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