A VOGUE favorite this summer, and a come back for the win!

Summarizing below a fabulous article from the online publication, it truly is just this- what goes around comes back around in fashion. Something as classic as this, is sure to stick around. When mom and I were perusing the big shows last year in NY, she stumbled upon this beautiful little Dr. Scholl’s shop that was bringing back the original collection and brought her right back to the good ol’ days.  An hour later we would have the collection in store within a couple months and bing bam boom, we sold out. Women oo’ed and ah’ed .. “These are Dr. Scholl’s?? Really???” Yes, and they’re adorable, buy them. Enjoy the below!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.07.18 AM


Fall may have crested the horizon, but those of us still immersed in sultry climates continue to have summer on the brain: specifically, well-ventilated footwear options for the slow slide into the new season. And while June through August typically brings with it all types of lighthearted footwear—from gladiator sandals to moccasins and brogues, raffia-crested strappy sandals and rhinestone-emblazoned shower slides, flip-flops and block-heeled pumps and beyond—for those less inclined toward light and dainty than to heavy and “happening,” this summer also brought an old reliable back into the limelight: Dr. Scholl’s Original sandals.

What is essentially a wooden platform with anatomical footbed became the grounding force behind any number of layered ruffled looks, swinging crocheted skirts, and flared denim trousers. From a shoot with Caroline Trentini and her son, Bento (where every look bore a pair of Scholl’s) to Vogue’s own market department on out, it seemed that everywhere you looked this summer there was the deft clomp of a Scholl—every step, a workout for the foot (the very vision of health, as imagined back in 1904, by one Dr. William Mathias Scholl!) and every look stealthily reaping the benefit of a dose of literally elevating hippie-dippie 1970s-era crunch and charm (a clog-sandal! Imagine!) alongside a certain rudimentary simplicity. Birkenstock who? Get a pair and get ready to flex those toes until autumn really kicks in.

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