“STROM Brand is about the right attitude, understated and streamlined, to enhance your own unique style.”


I am certainly not a celebrity but I have to say that I love love my Strom Denim. I have stacks and drawers of jeans always trying to find the right fit and buying anything that I find that is remotely close to not making my behind look colossal. These jeans are it! Ive found it, the hunt is over. In fact last night I got rid of most of the denim that just takes up space trying to fit me and put 2 new fab STROM jeans neatly folded in replacement. From hi-waisted, to everyday t shirt and booties, they are truly a wonderful pair of pants! Shop the two new styles in store and the 3 on the way! XO

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“I always incorporate traditional Scandinavian qualities representing functionality, modesty, equality and beauty into every piece of my collection. For me fashion is about feeling and looking good without trying too hard.”